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Technology Options for Course Continuity

A four-step approach

1. Establish a central meeting point online

Sakai can serve as a portal to all of the online options listed on this site.
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2. Consider what course elements can be handled online

There are three general categories:
  • Options where participants must be present at the same time (synchronous)    
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  • Options where participants need not be present at the same time (asynchronous)    
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  • More options for asynchronous recording that require the availability of UD facilities   
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3. Determine your delivery method

Your technology choice will typically determine the most appropriate delivery method.

4. Inform your students


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Faculty wishing to explore ways of using these technologies to accomplish their course objectives and student learning goals are encouraged to contact Academic Technology Services at (302) 831-0640 to schedule an appointment.

Faculty interested in training sessions for technologies such as Sakai@UD, PowerPoint, PO Box and Dropbox are encouraged to check the LearnIT@UD training calendar. Additional support for these technologies such as custom workshops and in-house departmental training is available by submitting a Help Request Form, calling (302) 831-6000, or emailing