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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to start or stop the recordings myself?
No, the course capture system starts and stops automatically, based on an internal clock. The clock is synchronized with the time standard.


The microphone in my classroom does not work.
There are several types of microphones in each classroom. Please refer to the question below for more information on microphones.


What's the difference between the microphones in my classroom?
It is important to remember the difference between the microphones that have been installed in each classroom.

Each centrally scheduled classroom contains built-in microphones for your use. These microphones will amplify your voice through the loudspeakers in that room. These microphones could include:

  • A flexible "gooseneck" microphone attached to a podium
  • A wireless lavalier microphone
  • A wireless handheld microphone
These microphones are not connected to UD Capture equipment, only to the loudspeakers in your room.

UD Capture rooms have an additional microphone installed to record your voice. This microphone is located either on the podium or the ceiling. You do not need to wear, power on or configure the microphone-- it's automatically active when the recording begins. This microphone does not feed the sound into the loudspeakers in the room, only to the recording. This allows you to be recorded without actually "using" a microphone.

Picture of Microphones in ClassroomsThis diagram shows the different microphones that can be found in different centrally scheduled rooms.

If there is a problem with the classroom loudspeaker microphones, please use the telephone in the room to call Classroom Technology to report it.


I listened to my recordings and there is no sound. What do I do?
Please email udcapture@udel.edu to report the problem. Please include your name, your course number and section and the date of the recording when it occurred.

Although we're unable to "recover" audio on previously recorded classes, we'll do our best to fix the problem for future classes.


How can I tell if the UD Capture microphone is working?
The UD Capture microphone is an automatic voice tracking microphone. You can tell if it's functioning properly by checking the following components.

Mic in Normal conditionNormal Operation: The front should have a series of green LED's. Only one LED should be lit at any one time, you will notice the LED's move as it tracks your voice. This is normal.

Mic in Error conditionError Condition: If you see two LED's lit, flashing steadily, the mic is not working properly. Unplug the power from the back of the mic (small black plug) and plug it back in. It should be working properly again. Do not attempt if microphone is out of reach.

UD Capture Mic Switch SettingsSwitches: The two switches on the top are glued down to optimum settings. In case the glue is removed, the switches should be in the "Off" and "Wide" settings. Do not attempt if microphone is out of reach.

UD Capture Rear CablesCabling: Check that the grey and black plugs are securely plugged into the back of the microphone. Do not attempt if microphone is out of reach.

How can I tell what the current time is? Can I use the clock in the room?
It is recommended to not rely on the clock in the room. The best source for an accurate clock is an internet time server. You can also set your laptop to synchronize with an internet time server.


Can my lecture be edited?
No, recordings are not editable in an easy fashion. However, we do allow edits to be made in extreme circumstances. Please contact us if you feel that edits need to be made to a recording.


How long does it take for a lecture to be made available?
Recordings using UD Capture take at most 15 minutes to be made available to your students.


Can I preview the lecture and control when it is available to my students?
No, recordings are made available shortly after your class ends. As we grow the course capture system to all classrooms, it became necessary to automate as much of the process as possible.


How long will the lecture stay online?
We contact (via email) content owners yearly about content available online. You may opt to have the content remain or be removed.


What if I made a mistake in my lecture?
Mistakes can happen. Just like a regular classroom setting, a correction could be made in the following lecture.


What resolution should my laptop be set to?
We recommend 1024 x 768 @ 60Hz (XGA). The maximum resolution supported in most rooms is 1280 x 1024. Higher resolutions may not be supported and will result in a blue screen in the recording.


How can I add a link in Sakai for my UD Capture recordings?
We recommend that you do not put a direct link to UD Capture lectures using the Web Content tool. You can either add the URL to Resources or follow the instructions below to use any of the tools that use the Rich Text Editor, such as Announcements, Home, or Forums.

1. Open your email confirmation from UD Capture and click on the web link for your course. Usually, you will be prompted to log in to access your recording directory. Copy the web address that appears in your browser window, similar to the example shown at right. UD Capture URL
2. We recommend adding the UD Capture link to the Home page for your Sakai course. Click on the Edit button to the right of your course name. Sakai edit button
3. Type a statement for your students. In this example, the statement is "UD Capture classroom recordings are available for this course." Sakai text entry
4. Highlight the phrase that will become the web link. Sakai highlight text
5. Click the web link icon. Sakai link button
6. Paste the web address you copied in step 1 above into the URL field.
7. Click the Target tab and, from the drop-down list of options, select New Window.
8. Click OK.
9. Click Update Options to save your work. Sakai update button
10. The term you highlighted will now provide a link to the UD Capture lectures. Sakai finished link


Will student questions be audible?
Yes, to a certain degree. The microphone is sensitive and should be able to pick up students who sit close to the podium. The further away though, the softer the volume will be.


What type of computer do I need - can I use a Tablet PC?
You may use any type of laptop PC or Macintosh with a standard VGA connector (the same you use to connect to the projection system in the room). You are also free to use a tablet PC during the lecture. Anything shown on the screen from your laptop will be recorded including (but not limited to) PowerPoint, Excel, Word, Internet, Email, etc. If it shows on the projector screen from your laptop, it will be recorded.


What if I want to use the chalkboard?
UD Capture does not include the ability to capture the chalkboard or overhead projection. The alternative for handwriting is a tablet PC or a laptop PC with a touch tablet attachment (for example, from Wacom).


What if I start class late or end early?
The recording system is based on a clock and will begin and end promptly according to your class schedule. It is possible that the recording may begin early or run late.


What if I use videos or other rich media in my lecture?
Videos, including those from websites and DVDs, shown on your laptop will also be recorded.


Can I play/use copyrighted material?
It is recommended that you first attempt to gain permission from the copyright holder before using copyrighted materials in your class. However, please refer to the University Library for a more concise description on the use of copyrighted material.


How will I receive my lectures?
At the beginning of the semester, we will send you a URL to the recordings for your class. As each class meeting is recorded, it will be automatically posted to that URL.


Can I have my class on DVD?
Yes, at the end of the semester, we can create a DVD (or multiple DVDs) for a fee of $150.


What if I need to cancel class, could I reschedule?
If you need to cancel a class, please contact us ASAP so we can adjust the schedule. If you need to reschedule a lecture, you first need to contact the scheduling office to arrange use of one of the course capture enabled rooms on campus. Afterward, contact us with the date, time and length of the rescheduled lecture.


I am giving a quiz and would prefer that the questions not be recorded, is it possible to delay the start time or end the recording early?
Yes, this can be done with a minimum advanced notice of 2 days. Please e-mail the dates and times that you would like to alter to udcapture@udel.edu.


What are the advantages to making my recordings publicly available?
The advantages to making it public is that you gain exposure for you, your college and the university by allowing anyone with iTunes to see and download your lectures for that class. Colleges like MIT have a substantial collection of online lectures made available to the public and iTunes U gives our faculty the same opportunity. As always, it's an option that you can elect not to use.


This sounds great! Is UD Capture coming to my lecture room?
This link contains a list of all rooms on campus that have been enabled with the course capture system.


My room is not listed. Do I have other options?
We are adding rooms all the time. Check the list frequently. We also have three video studios in Pearson Hall and one in Willard Hall specifically designed for recording lectures. Please see our Studio webpage for technical details and a link to the studio request form.


I set my resolution to 1024x768, but my laptop image is not being recorded. What else can I do?
Some Windows graphics adapters require an additional setting to "maintain display scaling". This may be located in different places on Windows because of different video cards. Two examples are shown here. maintain display scaling


Who do I contact if I have more questions about UD Capture?
For questions or concerns about UD Capture, please contact us at udcapture@udel.edu.

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